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Song Over Silence

A Story about Finding My Voice  

While Healing Child Incest Abuse 

About the Book:

"Among all childhood traumas, the issue of child incest abuse remains largely hidden and a major

and ongoing source of stigma for thousands of people. In this brave and illuminating memoir, author

Jill Bittle explores her life in the years before she retrieves early childhood memories of being

sexually abused by her paternal grandfather, the impact of this on her struggles to understand, feel,

and give love as she grew up and later when she became a wife and mother herself. The lingering

effects tainted her relationships with her immediate family, other children, with teens as she was

growing up, with men, and later in her ability to trust and to love herself and others. As her traumatic

memories surface, Jill shares her difficult healing journey. Hers is a message of hope for survivors of

incest abuse, sexual trauma, at-risk young people in schools, and parents who are not aware of how

these traumas happen or how cunning the family predators can be. In the era of #MeToo, Jill encourages 

society to break down the barriers and stigma surrounding child incest abuse." 

Friesen Press

In this gripping, unflinching, and ultimately hopeful memoir, author Jill Dyann Bittle shares her harrowing journey of recovery from incest abuse at the hands of her paternal grandfather. She brings light to a dark topic that is often shrouded in secrecy, taking readers on a journey through her childhood and adulthood and showing how the abuse impacted her relationships as she struggled with depression, OCD, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder.

Written for survivors of childhood sexual trauma and their loved ones, this book will inspire people to break their silence about incest, begin to heal the wounds it created, and eventually take back their lives.



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Song Over Silence - Inscribed Soft Cover